• Venus Touch Screen

    8.0" Powerful Touch Screen

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    VSVISIONS001 - White

    The VSVISIONS001 - White is the epitome of sleek modernity. It boasts a pristine white border that frames the vivid display, making it a standout addition to any wall. The clean design not only complements various interior styles but also brings a bright, airy feel to any room.

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    VSVISIONS002 - Black

    The VSVISIONS002 - Black offers a striking contrast with its sophisticated black casing. It’s the perfect choice for those who appreciate a touch of elegance and a contemporary edge. The bold black frame accentuates the vibrant display, making every interaction a visually stunning experience.

  • 8.0'' Venus

    The Sonata is innovative & powerful with a 8.0″ WXGA visualization display,

    Quad-Core 2.0 GHz processor, and Android 11.

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    MediaTek i350
    64-bit ARmv8-A


    Quad symmetric-core
    ARM Cortex-A53


    2.0 GHz

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    Display Size


    High-performance IPS TFT


    203 mm (8.0″)


    800 × 1280 px (WXGA)


    450 cd/m2

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    Audio Suite


    High-Performance voice DSPAutomatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Engine
    Far-field capture audio front-end Acoustic echo cancellation Ambient noise reduction Beamforming, Barge-in Dual MEMS Mic.
    Virtual subwoofer

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    Operating System


    Android 11 & Linux

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    Software Update


    Smart Over-The-Air updates (OTA)

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    Ethernet Network 


    IEEE 802.3 (10 / 100 Mbps)

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    Wireless Network


    IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac
    Bluetooth 5.0, Low Energy
    Zigbee 3.0 & Open Thread

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    Dimension Size


    Width x Height :
    132.9 mm x 197.2 mm


    Depth :
    Outside : 11.5 mm
    Inside the wall : 22.3 mm

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    Power connection


    24Vdc power
    24Vdc, 1 Amp


    PoE voltage
    dc, PoE 48V [37 to 57V]

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    Installation / Backbox


    North America single-gang
    German IEC/EN 60670
    UK BS 4662/BS EN 60670

  • Venus

    Discover the REXLiTE Venus 8.0” Touch Screen, an essential component for any smart home enthusiast looking for a blend of style and functionality. This series is available in two models, VSVISIONS001 - White and VSVISIONS002 - Black, each designed to integrate seamlessly into your home’s aesthetic while offering intuitive control over your environment.


    Both models feature an expansive 8.0-inch touchscreen that provides a user-friendly interface for managing all aspects of your smart home. From adjusting lighting and shades to monitoring your home’s security, these panels offer convenience at your fingertips. With their slim design, they maintain a low profile while delivering high performance, ensuring that your home stays connected without compromising on style.