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    Comprehensive Support for Dealers

    As the smart home market continues to expand and consumer demands advance, the new generation of consumers born between 1980 and 1995 is increasingly focusing on the quality of home life. This has ushered in a new phase of development for the home industry. To meet these consumers' expectations for a high-quality smart home living experience, REXLiTE AI is dedicated to providing this generation with customized whole-home smart solutions. Currently, we are recruiting dealers globally. With REXLiTE AI's brand strength, manufacturing technology, and integrated services, we will help you double your performance and together, create broader market prospects.

  • Join Our Global Dealers

    The global dealership partnership is a strategic collaboration between REXLiTE AI and local enterprises, including construction, turnkey, and interior design companies. Compared to traditional business models, this partnership approach is more flexible and less costly, offering an affordable and highly effective investment option.