• Smart Home with REXLiTE.AI , Responsive Touch Screens, and the Power of KNX Technology

    In an era where smart home technology is rapidly evolving, REXLiTE.AI stands out with its groundbreaking integration of advanced touch screen interfaces and KNX technology. This combination not only simplifies the control of various home automation systems but also enhances user interaction, offering a seamless and intuitive experience. With REXLiTE.AI and KNX technology working in tandem, homeowners can enjoy unparalleled convenience and efficiency in managing their living spaces.

  • A Leap in Smart Home and Connectivity

    REXLiTE's KNX Membership

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    REXLiTE Joins KNX Association

    REXLiTE's Joining of the KNX Association not only demonstrates its professional prowess in the smart building sector but also signifies that its products can seamlessly integrate with those from different manufacturers within the KNX framework, ensuring interoperability and compatibility. This milestone event marks Rexlite's steadfast commitment to advancing smart building and green technologies, as well as its ongoing pursuit of future innovations.

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    Interoperability in Smart Buildings

    KNX, managed and developed by the KNX Association, is a global standard for building automation and control systems. It provides a robust platform for integrating various aspects of building management, such as lighting, heating, and security systems, into a unified control system.

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    The Foundation for Connected Things

    Matter is more than just a protocol; it's a promise of a smarter, more interconnected home. As a single protocol to connect compatible devices and systems, Matter ensures that your smart home devices are not only secure and reliable but also incredibly seamless to use. to provide a sophisticated, responsive, ad eco-friennnment."

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    REXLiTE.AI with KNX ,

    Crafting a Smarter, More Connected Home

    REXLiTE.AI is at the forefront of smart home innovation, and our commitment to enhancing your home automation experience is reflected in our support for Matter. By integrating the Matter protocol into our product lineup, Rexlite.ai ensures that our smart home devices are not only versatile and future-proof but also highly compatible and easy to use.  

  • What is KNX?

    Matter, driven by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA),